Small business owners are likely to get stuck for a while when it comes to troubleshooting their IT issues, managing and training any auxiliary IT staff, as well as resources for putting out fires. Instead of dealing with this constant frustration, they should focus their resources on core functions such as growing their businesses and serving their customers even better.

One of the best solutions for non-technology-based companies is outsourcing their IT department to specialists who can continue to deliver progressive solutions in this fast-paced business environment. Small businesses that choose to outsource will grow faster, larger and more profitable than companies that do everything in-house. More companies are now choosing to outsource as a way to stay agile in an ever-changing regulatory and technological climate.

Sales and marketing roles are typically outsourced by many companies, but other businesses will also find much success when outsourcing legal, payroll, IT, human resources, workers’ compensation, or research and development, since they do not specialize in these fields. Larger companies are able to perform these roles in-house since they are advantaged by cost structure and an economy of scale. Outsourcing can enable a small or medium-sized business to pay far less for the non-core functions while still having access to field experts without paying to employ them full-time.


Outsourcing will allow both small and medium-sized businesses to:


  • Focus on their core business functions. Outsourcing the essential but non-core business functions such as payroll, marketing or R&D, can free up company resources so that your staff can spend more time focusing on the things that add value to your organization.
  • Access the industry’s leading experts. Smaller firms can access an industry specialist expertise for a fraction of the cost compared to hiring a full-time executive.
  • Decrease company overhead. In-house roles require more overhead like office space, salaries, and benefits. Outsourcing roles is a lot more affordable and easier to manage.
  • Scale up new projects quicker. If your organization is beginning a new project, an outsourced vendor will already have the resources necessary to implement changes when needed, while it could otherwise take weeks or months to hire and train employees who specialize in that area.
  • More staffing flexibility. For companies in industries like retail and construction, outsourcing can allow staff to free up as needed, without having to commit to employees on a perpetual full-time basis.

If you are deciding to outsource your company’s IT functions, Enterprise Computing Services allows you to maintain full access to all of your organization’s data, analytics, and learnings while avoiding the hidden costs of full-time staffing. Our highly qualified experts are able to service your organization’s technology needs either on-site or remotely from our office in Shreveport, LA. Contact ECS today to learn more!