Many business owners don’t know if they believe in the profitability of technology – many prefer to ‘wait until the time is right’ or after mass adoption. But the truth is: if you aren’t constantly seeking the latest technologies, you are sacrificing the success of your overall business.

With all of the daily problems entrepreneurs deal with, there’s no wonder that some business owners are reluctant to embrace new technologies. This approach to innovation requires your business to rely heavily on old technology. This limits your company’s overall productivity and profitability. Remember, repairing your outdated technology can cost just as much as replacing it with new software. In addition to this, old computers, machines, and specialized equipment are generally slow and less adaptive when compared to current hardware choices.


Using outdated technology will seriously affect your business in many ways such as:

  • Not being able to reach your company’s full potential.
  • Missing the next opportunity for your business.
  • Reduced productivity with inefficient systems.
  • Losing your reputation with your customers.


The internet has changed every way that we interact with each other, especially in the realm of communications. Social media and other online platforms spread information rapidly, which can help your business reach a wider audience than ever before. Today, you will not be able to reach all of your potential customers without establishing an online presence that engages your audience. Many lost opportunities will hinder the growth of your business and allow your competitors who do venture into the online world to gain an advantage.

You shouldn’t be surprised to know that outdated technology will drastically slow your company’s productivity. Running old operating systems, for example, will make your organization vulnerable to hacker attacks and speed problems. If you insist on using old operating systems or hardware, then your IT staff will spend a lot of time on routine maintenance and security patching just to keep them up and running.

It’s essential that your organization uses the most recent communication tools to coordinate with staff and customers for quick information exchange. If your website is not already optimized for search engines, then you will continue to lose out on the opportunity for reaching a global audience. When you do not have access to the latest technology, you also invite critics to post negative comments about your business on social platforms. Some customers may shy away from doing business with outdated companies because they are seen as less secure and less efficient.

Outdated technology, such as old computers, will drastically slow the growth of your business. Internal components progressively wear out, including hard drives and fans, leading to slow performance. These can be costly to repair and will require time and money to service them. Depending on what needs to be fixed, it might be worthwhile to upgrade to a newer computer. As a result, you’ll notice an increase in computer performance that will help speed up administrative tasks. If you have some reluctance when it comes to embracing newer technology, it’s most likely due to the cost of upgrading your existing technology, but you’ll be happy to know that it is actually possible to save money by implementing a gradual phase-out of your outdated equipment.

How old is the software you’re using? If your business is using outdated computers, then you’re also probably running an older operating system. Outdated software may not run well on a newer operating system, or it may not even work at all. Software developers typically end support for their older computers and operating systems which could leave your organization stuck if any issues come up. Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP and Server 2003, but if you continue using the older operating systems, then your IT department would likely spend much of their time with updates just to keep them operational.

Outdated technology will hurt your business in today’s technology-driven world. Instead of saving time and money, outdated technology will prevent your business from operating at its full potential. Investing in technology can allow your company to thrive and become more profitable in the long run. Let Enterprise Computing Services manage your technology so you can manage the success your business. Contact us today!