As technology advances, many businesses are moving their data in the direction of a cloud solution. Cloud computing is a critical technology trend that, put simply, changes the way businesses handle their data. Cloud service providers ensure that your data is safe, you have a backup in case of a data loss, you cut costs of handling your data and so much more. The amount of cloud service providers is an ongoing list, so we pulled the top five.

Cloud Solution 1: Rackspace Cloud

Located in the United States, Rackspace Cloud comprises a set of cloud computing services from Rackspace, also a US company. The company was started in 2006. The cloud solution provides a platform as a solution, cloud services, and web application hosting among others. The company lets you pick a cloud provider for you to interact with through Rackspace’s platform. The service is in partnership with big cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, WMware, and Microsoft Azure.

Cloud Solution 2: IBM Cloud

IBM cloud comprises various cloud computing services provided by IBM Tech Company. The solution includes infrastructure as a service, software as a service, and platform as a service. Its services are many and are both hardware and virtual-based servers that consist of management, public, and private, networks. You have full control over the infrastructure since virtual and hardware-based servers are combined into a single on-demand cloud-platform. The integration and management of IBM cloud are done by one system that can be controlled through a web portal, API or mobile apps. IBM cloud also provides you with complete server customization. This means that you handpick all things included in the server. Hence, you will only incur the cost of functions that you will use.

Cloud Solution 3: Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon truly does almost everything and does it well, on top of that! AWS was started in 2006. It offers on-demand cloud computing to organizations and people. It is a cloud-based program for creating enterprise solutions using integrated web services. AWS provides a broad spectrum of PaaS and IaaS services, including Simple Storage Service, Relational Database Service, and Elastic Beanstalk. Through their safe Web client, you will get extensive admin controls. Here, users can enjoy various features, like auditing and the creation of an encryption key. The cloud service provider allows you to personalize the requirements of your infrastructure. This is way cheaper than installing your premises. In addition to various pricing models, you will get a free one-year tier.

Cloud Solution 4: Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure was founded in 2010. Consumers can operate any service on the company’s cloud or combine it with any current application, infrastructure, or data center. The provider offers various solutions that are ideal for all kinds of industries. All the requirements of your organization will be considered. This leads to a package that suits the needs of your business best. The cloud service provider eliminates the need to have on-site servers. You will cut costs, such as the costs of having an onsite server support team.

Cloud Solution 5: Google Cloud

Google Cloud Platform is a service provider owned by Google. The platform lets users come up with business solutions using modular web services provided by Google. It provides you with a broad spectrum of services like PaaS and IaaS solutions. Its multi-layered safe infrastructure allows users to be assured there is protection for anything they code, store, create, or build. The cloud service provider has a team of engineers that is highly trained and has made a commitment to be transparent. Its various tools include Big Query, Cloud Storage, App Engine, Compute Engine, and Container Engine.


Securing your data and ensuring business continuity in case of a breach can be a costly affair. However, with cloud services, you can rest assured that the data needs of your business have been handled by your cloud provider. 

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