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Enterprise Computing Services, LLC (ECS) provides superior, proactive business computer services and information technology (IT) consulting for small, mid-size, and larger businesses throughout the ArkLaTex. As a provider of IT consulting services to thousands of satisfied clients since 1994, we create, implement, monitor and manage custom IT solutions for companies and organizations.

With an experienced, highly skilled IT team supporting your business, you can focus on growth and move forward smoothly, exceeding the success of your competitors. Rather than having a non-computer services employee disrupt their tasks to work on your IT problems, or try to do it yourself, with ECS as your computer systems consultant, you and your employees can focus on core job responsibilities.
And if you already have an IT system in place, outside experienced, and skilled computer systems experts can provide a fresh perspective on what may work more effectively to enhance your company’s growth and efficiency.

IT Consulting
IT Consulting Services
As your computer systems consultant, we will monitor, maintain, and manage your computer network and handle any issues or problems that arise, often even before you know they exist, through our remote monitoring and management. Or should an issue require a visit to your premises, we will arrive at your offices quickly to resolve any problems or concerns.

With over 25 IT technicians employed by ECS, we provide the highest level of computer expertise for all technology devices including laptops, desktop computers, routers, firewalls, interconnected server communications, phones, and more. ECS consulting services includes Cyber security, cloud migrations, mobile platforms, and identification and resolution of simple to complex computer glitches, frequently correcting them before they become problems.

And with Cyber security becoming an increasing threat, it’s critical that businesses are protected against security breaches and data theft. According to the U.S. National Cyber Security Alliance, 60 percent of small businesses that experience a Cyber-attack are out of business within six months. Whether your business is small, mid-size, or larger, having 24-hour, 365-day protection and interception of Cyber-attacks is critical. Through ECS IT consulting services, our staff will vigilantly, continuously watch your computer systems to prevent and, when necessary, intercept Cyber breaches before damage is done.

As technology continues to rapidly change and is constantly evolving, keeping your computer systems running at an optimal level can be a full-time job. But a full-time, internal IT department may be beyond the ideal scope of your budget. ECS will function as if you have in-house IT staff at a fraction of the cost.

With ECS computer systems consulting, your business has around-the-clock access to IT expertise and services with rapid response and effective solutions without the concern or burden of high, unexpected fees. An ECS consultant relationship will allow your business to access IT expertise that may otherwise be unaffordable, outside your budget or reduce profitability.

When you need a company to maintain your computer network, manage your cloud, or handle day-to-day technology issues and problems, ECS can effectively help, backed by our highly skilled, talented, multi-expertise technicians.

At no cost or obligation to you, the ECS business and technical team will provide you with a customized computer systems plan specific to your company’s unique needs for optimal, powerful maintenance and protection of all your IT devices.

Are you ready to have the leader in IT strategies, management, and maintenance collaborate with you to achieve your business goals? For a no-cost on-site evaluation and assessment of your company’s or organization’s computer systems needs, call one of our dedicated, knowledgeable team members today at 318.219.3427 or email us at

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