Remote Computer Monitoring

Remote Monitoring Management

What happens when your computer system slows down or crashes? Worse, what if your entire network fails or your data is breached or stolen? Such an event will negatively affect your customer relationships, staff productivity, network security and your bottom-line. In the worst case, such events could entirely shut down your company.

However, if your system is closely monitored, what begins as a small issue can be fixed quickly rather than turn into a catastrophe that interferes with your company’s ability to function for days, weeks, or even permanently.

Small, mid-size or larger business in the ArkLaTex must have effectively operating, budget-conscious, properly monitored and maintained computer systems to ensure a company’s daily and long-term successful operation. It’s critical to company productivity and security.

Remote Computer Monitoring
Remote Monitoring Management
When a computer system fails, it can be so predictably devastating to business operations that enterprise-level corporations, such as Fortune 500 companies, spend multi-millions on monitoring and managing computer systems to avoid potential disaster.

If you had Fortune 500-level internal IT personnel, they would monitor your computer systems’ health, detect issues early, intercept and fix problems as they arise and avoid a technology catastrophe altogether. But for smaller size businesses, in-house IT staff isn’t a reasonable, cost-effective option. Fortunately, Enterprise Computing Services (ECS) provides a way to effectively protect your computer systems before they stall or shut down through our sophisticated, competent around-the-clock, 365 day a year computer systems remote monitoring and management.

As an ECS client, our highly sophisticated, remote monitoring systems will oversee your computer activity, detect issues before they become problems, fix problems when they do arise, and provide you with peace of mind. ECS can provide your business with Fortune 500-level computer monitoring and management at a fraction of what an in-house team would cost.

Known in the ArkLaTex as a leader in business computer solutions since 1994, our services are considered far superior to the competition which is demonstrated by our thousands of satisfied successful clients. As your remote computer systems monitoring and management provider, our talented, skilled technicians and project management team will install, monitor, track, and repair your technology devices including laptops, desktop computers, routers, firewalls, interconnected
server communications, phones, and more. Then, you can focus on your business growth, customer service, and core operations without distractions about your computer systems.

What’s more, as an ECS managed services client, you’ll only pay a flat monthly rate—never any surprise costs or unexpected bills.

At no cost or obligation to you, the ECS business and technical team will provide you with a customized remote monitoring and management plan specific to your company’s unique needs for optimal, powerful protection of your computer systems and devices.

Are you ready to have the leader in IT strategies and solutions collaborate with you in achieving your business goals? For a no-cost on-site evaluation and assessment of your company’s or organization’s remote monitoring and management needs, call us today at 318.219.3427 or email us at

Managed Services

Wouldn’t it be a relief and reduce your stress to not need to think or worry about your business computer systems? What if there was an information technology (IT) company that would handle everything for you? What if that IT company provided you with the highest level of state-of-the-art products and services that would facilitate more efficient, profitable operations? And what if it was all done at an extraordinarily reasonable fee?

With Enterprise Computing Services’ (ECS) computer systems and network management and maintenance, we allow you to function as if you have a full, in- house IT department at a small fraction of the cost. With a proven reputation of superior IT services to thousands of ArkLaTex clients since 1994, our business team and highly skilled IT technicians provide the following services and more to small, mid-size and larger businesses:

▪Strategic existing system overview and assessments
▪Strategic consultation with our business and highly skilled IT technicians
▪Equipment procurement, installation and compliance
▪Hardware design and deployment
▪Server and infrastructure monitoring
▪Network security monitoring to prevent viruses, malware, Cyber-attacks and
▪Employee education on careful system security practices
▪Identification and interception of issues before they become problems
▪Regular IT reviews to ensure your systems’ value is maximized
▪Remote monitoring, management, maintenance, and backup
▪Mobile device maintenance and on-site support
▪Public, private and hybrid Cloud access
▪Wireless installation or enhancement
▪Routine system log and report reviews
▪Private, public and hybrid Cloud storage set up and monitoring
▪Catastrophic data loss, damage and theft recovery
▪24-hour, 365-day continuous monitoring and maintenance services

Remote Computer Monitoring - Managed IT Services
ECS provides technology planning and services customized to your unique business environment, aligned with your future vision for growth while respecting your budget constraints, information flow, and technology needs, all toward the goal of developing reliable solutions for your company’s or organization’s unique IT needs.

If your business requires customized IT products, monitoring, maintenance, management, network consulting and maintenance, wireless installation, server support, remote or on-site services, ECS is available 24-hours a day, 365 days of the year. The ECS project management team and its highly skilled IT technicians can install, deploy, upgrade, monitor and maintain all your wired and wireless computer systems and network. With a staff of dedicated project managers and IT specialists, we rapidly respond to issues and problems without unnecessary disruption of your operations.

As your IT company, we’ll offer the peace of mind that allows you and your employees to productively focus on core responsibilities.  And as a managed services client, ECS charges only a flat monthly, pre-agreed fee and never surprises you with unexpected costs and bills.

For a thorough on-site evaluation and strategic assessment of your business’ IT requirements at no cost or obligation, call 318.219.3427 or email today to speak with one of our IT team members and schedule your free consultation.

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