Managed Network Security Service

Network Security Service Providers

As network breaches and stolen data have become an increasing problem worldwide—many times destroying companies and organizations—computer systems must be protected from both external and internal security issues. Whether it’s an external security breach or employees using your computers and devices prohibitively, the efficient, profitable, smooth running of your business will be impacted. Because the threat to your network security is real, your computer systems must be properly engineered and vigilantly monitored.

It’s realistic to be concerned about your network’s security. And it’s unrealistic to think it will never happen to your business. So, a proactive attitude and approach to network security is smart business.

Whether the threat is external or internal, illegal infiltration and use of your computer systems can destroy or damage your operations.

External Network Security Attacks

Cyber-criminals who hack your network have increasingly sophisticated, effective ways to gain access to your data, intellectual property, passwords, and money with constantly evolving techniques. Through computer viruses, spyware, malware infections, “eavesdropping,” malicious advertising, fake emails, and other hacking methods, your business could be irreversibly damaged. At the least, your business operations may be stalled, and its productivity interrupted.

Internal Network Security Protection

With most business finances being handled electronically, embezzlement, fraud, and other financial crimes by employees are on the rise. A recent study discovered that U.S. businesses lose millions of dollars yearly because of employee computer financial thefts. What’s more, it’s estimated that employees use employer computers for personal purposes approximately 90 minutes daily. By monitoring and recording employees’ computer activities and alerting you when suspicious conduct occurs, you can increase productivity and protect your finances, data, and intellectual property.

Managed Network Security Service

With nearly a quarter century providing information technology (IT) solutions to businesses and organizations, Enterprise Computing Services’ (ECS) effective, state-of-the-art network security installation, management and maintenance can effectively protect your computer systems. As your network security expert, ECS will detect, block and intercept suspicious activity before damage occurs. Or if data is stolen or inappropriate conduct detected, those responsible can be held accountable.

Since 1994, ECS’s highly skilled, talented, certified IT cybersecurity specialists have been providing solutions for continuous network security for businesses and organizations throughout the ArkLaTex. Known by thousands of our satisfied customers as a leader in business computer solutions, our network security systems are considered far superior to the competition.

If you’re concerned about your network security or think a fresh evaluation of your existing computer systems is timely, call us today at 318.219.3427 or email

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