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With businesses increasingly choosing wireless networks to compete, grow and increase profits, it’s important to consider speed, efficiency, security and costs. To decide whether your company should go wireless, or improve its current wireless system, understanding the advantages and how you will integrate it cost-effectively into your business operations is essential. When it comes to making decisions about whether or how to go wireless, every business must first examine their unique needs and requirements.

Enterprise Computing Services, LLC (ECS) wireless networking systems allows employees, supervisors and management to more swiftly communicate and share data as well as wirelessly communicate with customers and clients.

Wireless Network Solutions
When your business is wireless, through laptops and other mobile devices, your business allows employees to work anywhere within your offices and buildings, from home, and when they travel. When employees can work anywhere, it increases productivity, enabling colleagues to meet through video and internet telephone conferencing.

And unlike the cost of purchasing and installing new equipment and wiring when adding new users to a wired computer system, a wireless network typically only requires issuing a password and updating the server—a quick, easy, cost-free and convenient process.

Overall, a wireless business system is more cost-effective than a hard-wired network. Once a wireless network is established, maintenance costs are substantially lower and expansion costs are negligible.
While there are concerns that going wireless may be a security issue, advances in state-of-the-art, increasingly sophisticated technology has virtually eliminated such risks, especially when it allows for even greater security through remote storage of proprietary, confidential, financial and account data.
ECS, a proven information technology (IT) industry leader, installs, maintains, and manages wireless networks throughout the ArkLaTex using the highest level state-of-the-art encryption technology (preventing unauthorized access) and sophisticated software security solutions. When choosing an IT company to install, maintain, and manage your network, it’s critical that you choose an IT wireless networking industry leader.
ECS has been an IT provider since 1994 and has established itself as superior among its competitors with thousands of satisfied clients.

Are you ready to create a more effective and faster communication system within your business? If so, call 318.219.3427 or email info@ecs-net.com today for a customized, free on-site assessment of your company’s or organization’s wireless network needs.

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